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Interesting blog from an RSI sufferer

I came across an interesting blog today that deals with the day-to-day issues faced with a sufferer. Although not recently updated, there are frequent references to lack of knowledge by the doctors in this subject (and some beautiful photography). Well … Continue reading

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Let’s Put Faces to the Neurogenic Hypothesis of RSI!

John Quintner has kindly agreed that this article can posted on this site. It originally appeared in Mind in Body. This article puts an important historical and personal perspective on the challenge to MPS and trigger point theories, an important alternative … Continue reading

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Text Neck – The stresses in the cervical spine due to head/neck posture

The ABC recently carried a story about ‘Text Neck”: The story refers to a publication ‘Assessment of Stresses in the Cervical Spine Caused by Posture and Position of the Head’ by Kenneth Hansraj, Chief of Surgery at New York … Continue reading

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Are Trigger Points Real?

The first post on this site details the neurogenic hypothesis of ‘RSI’ as expounded by John Quintner back in 1991 in the aftermath of the Australian ‘RSI epidemic’. Before providing accounts of alternative hypotheses from Hunter Fry, Yolande Lucire and … Continue reading

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Quintner & Elvey – The Neurogenic Hypothesis of RSI

There is continuing controversy about the pathophysiological basis of what has been widely labelled ‘RSI’, the terminology that remains in common usage in Australia. As an occupational physician who often sees these conditions in my clinical practice,  I had considered that … Continue reading

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